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Participant Services

If you have questions about personal account in your employer's retirement plan, please contact us at: (855) 756-4738

Current Plan Sponsor

If you are a current Plan Sponsor and have questions regarding logging in, please see one of the following numbers to assist you. If you have any other question about your plan, please contact your service team directly. To find your service team contact information, login and from the menu select Plan and contacts on the Plan Service Center site.

Corporate 401(k) plans < $50 million in assets
(877) 694-4015

Corporate 401(k) plans > $50 million in assets
(855) 739-7154

Government, healthcare, education, or faith plans
(800) 695-4952

If you are inquiring about doing business with Empower Retirement please use one of the
following numbers below.

Advisors, Brokers, Consultants and Prospective Plan Sponsors Only

Please note the following contacts are unable to assist participants.

Large Markets – Over $50 million in assets
(800) 719-9914

Core Markets - $0 - $50 million in assets
(877) 630-4015

Government Market
(855) 468-4141 (855-GOV-4141)

Prospective Institutional Plan Providers Only

Participant Access
The Participant website is available at