Transforming the future with innovative capabilities

Retiring comfortably is part of the American dream. Empower’s goal is to help make this dream possible for everyone by harnessing the potential of new technologies, continually innovating plan designs, and providing the highest-quality service in the industry.

Edmund F. Murphy III, President
Empower has one focus: helping people replace income in retirement. Edmund F. Murphy III, President

We offer leadership for the future

  • Experienced with government, corporate, and non-profit plans
  • Serving multiple market segments: government 457 plans, nonprofit 403(b) plans, small, midsize, and large corporate 401(k) plans
  • Developing innovative online tools that help participants see, understand, and act to pursue lifelong income
  • Pioneering design in server-based recordkeeping that provides real-time information for savers
  • The second-largest U.S. plan provider based on assets under administration*

* Spectrum Group, 2014

2015 Adviser Choice Awards Logo

Empower wins 2015 Advisers' Choice Awards*

  • Best overall service, micro plans
  • Best overall service, small plans
  • Best wholesalers
  • Fee structure for advisers
  • Best value for price
  • Overall perception

* PLANADVISER Retirement Plan Adviser Survey 2015